Mobile Printer – Bluetooth – IP54 – TSC Alpha-30L 3 -Inch Mobile Label Printer

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Introducing Spenic’s robust IP54-rated mobile printer, a versatile solution designed for durability in diverse environmental conditions. The printer, featuring a protective case and a shoulder carry strap, prioritizes operator ease during delivery and shipping organization. Operating at 203DPI with Direct Thermal technology at 5 inches per second, it offers a max print width of 72mm and a substantial max print length of 2,794mm (110”). With a drop rating of IP54 (without case), extendable to 2.5m (8.3ft) with the case, this printer ensures reliability even in challenging situations. Paired ideally with Spenic DT External Specialist Adhesive Labels, this dynamic duo guarantees optimum performance in inventory management, labeling, and asset tracking. Elevate your efficiency and precision with Spenic’s mobile printer—where durability meets excellence.


Welcome to Spenic’s Mobile Printer: Durability Meets Efficiency

Our mobile printer, boasting an impressive IP56 rating, ensures durability and protection in diverse environmental conditions. Equipped with a protective case and a convenient shoulder carry strap, it guarantees ease of use for operators during delivery and onward shipping organization.

Printer Specifications:

  • 203DPI, Direct Thermal, 5 Inch per second
  • Max Print Width: 72mm
  • Max Print Length: 2,794 mm (110”)
  • Drop Rating: IP54 (w/o case, paper path is excluded)
  • Drop Specification: 1.8 m (6 ft), with protective case can be 2.5 m (8.3 ft)
  • Max Roll Capacity: 67 mm OD
  • Media Width: 25.4mm – 80 mm with liner
  • Media Thickness: 0.06mm – 0.16 mm
  • Media Height: 12.7mm – 2,794 mm (0.5” ~ 110”) or 25.4 mm – 152.4 mm (1” – 6”) for peeler mode
  • Media Core Diameter: 12.7 mm (0.5”), standard or 19.1 mm (0.75”), with 0.75” ID adaptor

Optimal Performance with Spenic DT External Specialist Adhesive Labels:

To achieve optimum levels of performance, pair our mobile printer with Spenic DT External Specialist Adhesive Labels. This powerful combination ensures seamless and efficient operations, meeting the highest standards of quality and precision.


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