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If you value the data that you either host on your PC’s laptops, inhouse servers or in an outsourced data centre, then this is for you.


Business Continuity tools that work for your business!

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you can protect each PC or server in your business from the worst affects of ransomware, or IT failure.  IT security made to measure for the recycling industry – where time is money!

For the majority of you, like most other businesses globally, no PCs, laptops and servers means no access to data, which in turn means to loss of revenue, loss of productivity and a whole lot of cost that can damage your business and reputation.

The Spenic Business Continuity Service has been designed to mitigate the impact of IT failures – whether accidental, malicious or due to hardware failure.

In practical terms what does Spenic Business Continuity deliver to you?

1. Recover accidentally deleted files:

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You have access to a secure dashboard that will enable you to locate a specific folder or file and restore from multiple previous versions stored in the Cloud.


2. Recover maliciously deleted files:

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Sometimes when employees leave under a cloud, data and files can get misplaced. With your Business Continuity solution in place, you search for the deleted data and restore it.


3. Restore data after a Hard Drive corruption/failure:

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Replacing a physical hard drive isn’t difficult, but the time taken to restore your data, reinstall software, update windows, and call around your service providers to connect your applications and configure hardware takes a lot of time.  Your Spenic Business Continuity solution provides the tools you need to simply install the physical hard drive in the device, insert the security USB provided, turn on the PC and wait to the restore to complete:

  • No hassle
  • No calling around
  • No waiting for support
  • Just up and running again!

We are here to ensure that you have the tools and resources required to get your IT systems back up and working quickly following issues such as a ransomware attack, a general PC or server hardware failure, access to your data and systems remotely due to unplanned business interruption.

The core of our services centre around immutable backups of your data – that’s every PC, laptop and server which you rely on daily to run your business.  This central aspect of secure and seamless protection delivers many benefits.  Once in place you can:

1. Restore each PC, Server and laptop to a pre-incident state to keep your business and minimise downtime

2.Quickly recovery lost data from a corrupt device by restoring from a previous secure version

3. Build a plan on how you would operate your business remotely – without the worry of working out how to access your data!


4. Restore your business after a virus or Malware attack:

Protect your business from malicious malware attack and ransomware that could lock down your whole network and potentially infect your off-site hosted data.

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Malicious attacks on networks are indiscriminate between who they affect. 99% of the time it’s a random hit, normally initiated by a bad email link, or an imported file. When your network is attacked, you are commonly left with no internet, no usable PCs, no business. As most malicious attacks now hit standard offsite back up data copies before locking down your internal devices you can no longer rely on standard backups as a solution.

If you want to know how these attacks work (click here)


5. Locked out of your site and need to get going again?
You may find yourself unable to access one or more of your locations for a number of reasons – Fire – Flood – Theft to name but 3 reasons. If this happens, you need to get back online as quickly as possible. We can help.
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Your Immutable Backup and Business Continuity Solution is here resolve that for you. You may still have access to your backup Business Continuity PC? If not don’t worry, we can ship you more devices with the tools required to restore your data and get up and running again. On top of this, if you need printers and consumables to enable part marking and inventory management, we can sort this for you as well.


Extra Services to streamline and protect your business:

1. Off the Shelf Emergency PC:

Replace broken PCs with all the data of the old unit so it’s up and running as if nothing happened.
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Our Business Continuity “Boost” Service provides you with a pre-configured Intel i5 or i7 PC that is on site ready to replace any of your devices experiencing a critical failure or malware / ransomware attack.  Simply replace the broken workstation with your Spenic business Continuity PC, plug in the monitor, mouse, keyboard, network, power and USB cable.  Plug in you secure USB Key – power on and wait to the recovery to complete.  Not only will you have all of your data back and a working machine!  All our business continuity machines are pre-installed with a fast solid state Hard drive, so it will probably be faster than the old one as well!


2. SSD Hard Drive Upgrade:

Speed up legacy PC’s and extend their useful working life without buying a new PC!
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As part of the Business Continuity setup, we audit your current hardware so that you have a clear picture of what you have in place and the Business Continuity service can be tailored to your specific requirements.

As part of the process, whilst we are setting up your Business Continuity solution, it may be a good time to upgrade your HDD (Hard Disks) to SSD (Solid State Drives) – But why? Quite simply, reliability, speed and reduced power consumption. Moving a PC from an HDD to an SSD will dramatically improve its performance and processing speed, meaning that you and your staff will be able to access information and applications in double quick time, meaning higher productivity.

When we replace your hard drives, we make sure all your data is present on changeover, then confirm your immutable backups are once again fully protecting you.


Your questions answered:

Why is Spenic Business Continuity better than a backup?

Our service is not simply a backup – it’s much more secure – and it needs to be!

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Malicious attacks do not discriminate between small and large businesses, individual users or public utilities.  It’s a lottery trying to understand who will be hit or which network will be brought down.  The common factors though are:

  • Worry
  • Potential data loss – forever!
  • Paying to get YOUR data back
  • Loss of customers
  • Loss of new business
  • Staff standing idol – but still needing to be paid
  • Uncertain length of time without access to anything!
  • Not knowing when you will be able to commence trading again and whether you can even ever get your data back in place!

When an attack hits, it tends to focus on a single PC and then let this spread throughout your network.  However, due to more sophisticated anti malware software, it is increasingly common for it to also focus on backup data storage.  These Malware attacks encrypt or delete your backup data, then lock down your live data – this means that the job of restoring data without paying a ransom (no guarantee this will work) is time consuming, stressful and costly and can be unreliable.


Spenic Business Continuity Services operate on Immutable Backups, what is an immutable backup and why is it so secure?

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An immutable backup is a backup file that can’t be altered in any way. An immutable backup is unchangeable.  It is part of our solution and can be deployed to production servers PCs and laptops in order to allow the recovery of your data and systems in cases of ransomware attacks or other data loss.


How likely is my business to be targeted by Ransomware?

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Ransom Ware attacks are becoming more and more prevalent. Against common misconceptions, these are generally not targeted.  They take a scatter gun approach to find system loopholes on PCs and networks and once found they take hold.

You are just as likely to be hit by a ransomware attack if you are a business or home user, one PC in a standalone environment or a global corporation.

Ransomware can deploy on any Internet-accessible device without warning and then quickly spread throughout your entire infrastructure.

Once active an attack can:

  • Disable all of your business IT operations
  • Take an undefinable amount of time and money to resolve
  • Whilst this is happening:
  • Your business is most likely not making money
  • Your customers are left wondering what is happening
  • Your staff cannot do their jobs
  • You are still having to pay the bills!


I use a data centre to host and backup my data so am I safe?
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Whether you use onsite data storage, an offsite data centre or a mix of both, your traditional backups may not be effective for restoring data that has been encrypted by an attack, because your backup may also have been attacked. It is becoming more and more common that ransomware attacks specifically target traditional, previously assumed secure, backup systems.


I use a local NAS Drive backup my data so am I safe?

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Ransomware attackers love NAS devices

NAS devices – whether manufactured by QNAP or other companies like Synology, Western Digital, Zyxel and others – are regularly targeted with ransomware and bitcoin miners.

Attackers often take advantage of low security password choices, but also of known and zero-day vulnerabilities to commandeer the devices.

It is really important that you protect this data and ensure that you have in place and protected and regularly updated copy of your data in our secure locations.


Standard Backups are vulnerable to Ransomware attacks

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While primary storage systems must be open and available so you can use them when needed, your backup data should be isolated and immutable. This is the only way to ensure recovery of your systems if compromised. An immutable backup is immune to subsequent ransomware infections.

Immutable backups ensure you have a recovery position after a ransomware attack or critical failure.

Deploying the Spenic Business Continuity service helps you to conform with regulatory data-compliance requirements – ensuring that multiple accurate copies of data are retained.


How secure are your Immutable backups?
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Our infrastructure comprises both an immutable filesystem with a zero-trust cluster design in which operations can only be performed through authenticated, securely encrypted and certificated APIs.

Because data management solutions that use general purpose storage can employ limited or ineffective techniques for securely transacting data, they can leave files in their native format while allowing clients to read the backup data directly. This represents a breach of confidentiality that forces you to secure data storage independently from your data management solution.

Our service delivers a full-service solution, managed in simple steps that make deployment efficient and operating on fully automated management systems so that you can get on with your daily work.


Immutable backup – The secure way to protect your critical data:
Where is my Data held and how secure is it?
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Hosted in two secure UK based data centre locations, your backups are encrypted to UK Internet Banking standards to protect you. They can’t be touched.

Your immutable backup means that you can recover quickly and get your data back without paying a ransom and without wasting thousands on IT recovery services and re-installations, but above all without wasting time and expense to get up and running again!


So how straight forward is the system to use in practice?

Follow the 6 steps below and you’re just waiting for the restoration process to complete! You’re not on your own though! We are here to support you all the way with your recovery process should you need it!

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You firstly try to identify what and who caused the malicious attack

Once identified, if possible, ensure that all users are aware of what the issue is and what files, emails or weblinks need to be avoided when the system restores.

All users turn off their PCs and if you have one, your server

Each PC is then rebooted with its own unique USB key (all supplied and labelled in your Business Continuity Recovery Pack). Then you need to wait for the restoration to happen

If you know what caused the issue – ensures the emails, weblinks, and file are avoided / deleted from all devices. This will need to be done if it is a new malware or virus that has not been updated in your AV software (it will over time)

Then the last thing! Sit back and feel great that you were protected and then carry-on working.
And the best bit! You are in control, we are here to support you as always if you need it, but we provide you with the tools and services to control your business continuity and recovery solution yourselves.

  • No need to call in or pay external consultants,
  • No need to ring around service providers to configure devices,
  • No need to find those widows installation files,
  • No need to wait on hold to speak to a provider’s customer services team,
  • No need to wait for an engineer to arrive.

You are in control.


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