Counter Sales Management - POS

Effortless Counter Sales with Integrated Cash and Credit Card Transactions

Running a busy counter sales operation is made easy with Spenic Recycling’s integrated cash drawer and receipt printer solution, offering seamless transactions for both cash and credit cards.

Key Benefits:

Increased Security:
Enhanced security over cash and Credit Card transactions.
Secure Cash Management:
Efficiently manage cash assets throughout the working day.
Reliable Data Access:
Access reliable data to securely audit daily sales figures.
Comprehensive Transaction Options:
Seamlessly process both Cash and Credit Card transactions for added convenience.

Why Invest in Spenic’s Solution?

Investing in Spenic’s Cash Drawer and Print Solution ensures:

Streamlined Transactions:
Complete cash and credit card transactions, and receive printed receipts with the opening of the cash drawer.
Robust Cloud Print Service:
All transactions are securely handled by the cloud print service, ensuring your transactional data operates in a stable environment.
Open Interface Compatibility:
The Spenic Cash Drawer solution seamlessly interfaces with all inventory management systems*.

Options to Suit Your Needs:

Option 1: Intelligent Receipt Printer & Secure Cash Draw

Operate both cash and credit card transactions via one of your pre-installed PCs. Requires a network port.
Includes a Box of 10 Receipt Rolls

Option 2: Wireless Print Upgrade

Enjoy mobility with the wireless print option.
Printer location within the catchment area of your WiFi network.
Includes a Box of 10 Receipt Rolls

Option 3: Standalone Android Tablet Solution

Upgrade to a complete POS system with an Android Tablet, stand, cash draw, and printer. Run your inventory management system checkout directly from the Tablet. Includes a Box of 10 Receipt Rolls

Spenic Recycling POS solution empowers your business with a robust, convenient, and secure Point of Sale solution, providing comprehensive transaction capabilities for both cash and credit cards. Take control of your operations with added security, efficient management, and versatile payment options.

Note: Compatibility with inventory management systems is dependent on the software provider, and some standard development may be required for integration.

All pricing details are available upon request. On-site installation is available at an additional cost; please ask for details.

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