Vehicle Collection Loop Tags – 500 Tags

£74.05 Ex VAT

Elevate your salvage collection with Spenic’s Loop Tags. Each pack of 500 tags features label carriers for securely affixing bespoke Salvage Collection Labels to every vehicle.

With dimensions of 40mm x 68mm for the label tab end and a tie loop length of 78mm, these tags speed up vhehcle identification and tagging at the point of collection.


Elevate Your Salvage Collection Process with Spenic’s Loop Tags:

Discover Spenic’s Salvage Collection Loop Tags.

Pack of 500 tags.

Key Features:

  • Secure: Our label carriers ensure the secure attachment of bespoke Salvage Collection Labels to each salvage vehicle.

Loop Tag Dimensions:

  • Label Tab End: 40mm x 68mm
  • Tie Loop Length: 78mm


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