Engine Cap & Plug Kits – 100 Units of Each Cap/Plug

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Teaming up with our customers, we’ve crafted the Engine Plug and Cap Starter Pack. Engines are unique, just like snowflakes, so we’ve done the testing to put together this handy pack of 21 different cap and plug sizes, each in sets of 100. They’re designed to protect your engines during storage, transportation, and maintain their resale value.

If you ever need an uncommon size, just measure the hole or pipe, find the closest match in our Mid-point table, and follow the link to order. We’ve also included a printable Cap/Plug Selector table for your convenience.

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We’ve joined forces with some of our valued customers to tackle the challenge of engine protection head-on. The result? Our Engine Plug and Cap Starter Pack.

As you know, Engines are like snowflakes – no two are exactly alike, and each one demands its own set of special caps and plugs. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, testing a bunch of different engine types to curate this handy starter pack.

Inside, you’ll find a mix of 21 different cap and plug sizes, each conveniently bundled in sets of 100. We’ve handpicked these sizes based on their performance in covering those critical drain holes and pipe ends. This means your engines get the protection they need during storage, stay secure during transportation, and hold their resale value.

Now, we get it – sometimes you might come across an oddball size. No problem! Just measure the inside diameter of the hole or the outside diameter of the pipe you need to cover. Then, hop over to our Mid-point table using the link below to find the closest match.

Once you’ve nailed down the size you need, it’s as simple as clicking this link: Tapered Caps and Plugs. Use the dropdown menu to choose the right SP part number, and you’re good to go.

We hope this makes your engine protection journey smoother. And for your convenience, we’ve included a printable Cap/Plug Selector table below, so you’ll have a handy reference when it’s time to place your order.

Spenic Recycling Cap and Plug Selector Web V5

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Pack Contains:

Engine Starter Pack 100 Pack Quantity
SP-7 100
SP-6 100
SP-12 100
SP-20 100
SP-21 100
SP-22 100
SP-25 100
SP-32 100
SP-40 100
SP-50 100
SP-51 100
SP-53 100
SP-69 100
SP-74 100
SP-78 100
SP-81 100
SP-83 100
SP-90 100
SP-92 100
SP-94 100
SP-99 100


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