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Protect Returns with Spenic VOID Labels

Shield your products and reputation with Spenic VOID labels. Designed for high-value items, these easy-to-apply labels offer instant tamper evidence, ensuring your peace of mind during returns. Customize with your company name and statement. Available in quantities as low as 100 labels, these 6cm x 1cm self-adhesive labels deter tampering and reinforce trust. Once removed, they can’t be reapplied. Order now for secure returns in the recycled car parts sector.

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Spenic Recycling, VOID Labels for Secure Returns in the Recycled Car Parts Sector

In the dynamic world of recycled car parts, ensuring product security during returns is a top priority. At Spenic Recycling, we offer specialized VOID labels designed to protect your reputation and profits.

Why VOID Labels Are Essential:

Recycled car parts are valuable investments, and maintaining their integrity during returns is critical. Our bespoke VOID labels provide a straightforward yet highly effective solution. They are user-friendly, easy to apply, and deliver instant tamper evidence.

Personalization for Your Brand:

Our labels do more than enhance security; they also promote your brand. You can personalize these 6cm x 1cm labels with your company name and statement. With 28 characters available on each of the two lines, you have the freedom to convey your message effectively.

Key Specifications:

  • Label Size: 6cm wide x 1cm high
  • Self-Adhesive Void Labels Printed Black on Silver Void Polyester

Visible Tamper Evidence:

Upon removal, our labels leave a visible “VOID” message, indicating tampering. This immediate visibility allows for prompt action if tampering is detected, preserving product integrity.

One-Time Protection:

Once removed, these labels cannot be reapplied, offering a robust deterrent against tampering and reinforcing customer trust.

Customize Your Security:

Ordering personalized VOID labels is effortless. Simply provide your preferred wording in the text boxes during the ordering process.

Choose Spenic VOID Labels to safeguard your recycled car parts, uphold your reputation, and protect your bottom line.


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