Newland MT9055 (ORCA III) – PDA – Parts Scanner – WIFI & 4G

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Meet the MT90 Orca III Mobile Computer – Your Gateway to Effortless Efficiency! Designed for optimal form and function, this rugged yet sleek device redefines mobile computing. With a full touchscreen and integrated barcode scanner, it delivers a consumer-style experience akin to your personal mobile phone, ensuring an intuitive and minimal training curve. Weighing just 270g and enduring drops up to 1.5m, it’s your resilient companion for all-day use. The Full Spenic Recycling Package includes the Newland MT9055 Orca III Mobile Computer, cradle, pistol grip, and screen protector, forming a comprehensive solution for streamlined operations. Elevate your workforce with a mobile computing powerhouse – the MT90 Orca III is ready to redefine your efficiency standards!


Discover the MT9055 Orca III Mobile Computer – Elevate Your Mobile Computing Experience!

Unlock the power of efficiency with the MT9055 Orca III Mobile Computer, a cutting-edge device meticulously designed for seamless integration into your operations. Revolutionize the way you handle tasks with its full touchscreen interface and integrated barcode scanner. Here’s why the MT90 Orca III stands out:

Optimal Form Factor: Designed with precision, the MT9055 Orca III boasts an optimal form factor that seamlessly combines a full touchscreen mobile computer with a high-performance barcode scanner. Its consumer-style design and Android operating system provide a user experience akin to using a personal mobile phone.

Rugged Durability, Ergonomic Design: No compromises were made in durability or ergonomics. The device is rugged enough to withstand everyday drops and bumps, having passed drop tests of up to 1.5m with its standard rubber boot. At a mere 270g, it’s lightweight and easy to carry throughout the day. A hand strap, wrist lanyard, or optional holster ensures it’s always by your side and ready for action.

Intuitive and Minimal Training: The consumer-style design extends to its intuitive use, minimizing the need for extensive staff training. Picking up the MT90 Orca III is as natural as reaching for your personal mobile phone, ensuring a smooth transition to enhanced mobile computing.

Full Spenic Recycling Package: Experience the complete solution with the Full Spenic Recycling Package. This comprehensive package includes:

  1. Newland MT9055 Orca III Mobile Computer:
    • 4GB/64GB with 5″ Touch Screen
    • 2D CMOS Mega Pixel imager with Laser Aimer (CM6x)
    • Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G, GPS, NFC, Camera
    • Operating System: Android 11 GMS
    • Inclusive of USB cable, battery, rubber boot, and multi-plug adapter.
  2. Newland Cradle for MT90 series:
    • Charging & USB Communication
    • Includes USB charging cable
    • Compatible with UR90 and EX90
  3. Newland Pistol Grip for MT90 Orca:
    • Enhance your handling and scanning experience with the optional pistol grip.
  4. Screen Protector for MT90 series:
    • Safeguard your investment with a dedicated screen protector for MT90 series Touch Android Computers.

Empower your workforce with a mobile computing solution that blends power, durability, and ease of use. The MT9055 Orca III Mobile Computer is your key to unlocking unparalleled efficiency in your operations.


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